Passion and determination as an engine of success

Founded in 2002 by Pierre-Paul Boisvert, PURCOM Entertainment Group is a show business company.

The company’s history began in Trois-Rivières, a small Quebec municipality, in the early 2000s. Upon its inception, the company was responsible for the management of artists and press relations for many local clients. The agency produces, among other things, major regional events and collaborates on major projects with Celine Dion in particular.

In 2007, the company set up its offices in Montreal. From then on, the conquest of the Canadian metropolis began. The agency quickly distinguished itself and collaborated on numerous projects with several big names in show business including Véronic DiCaire. In less than five years, the company has been a leader in press relations and promotion in the cultural and corporate sector in Montreal, as well as throughout Quebec.

PURCOM Entertainment Group continues its expansion in 2012 and establishes its PUR Records division. The new label quickly positioned itself by launching a first album that is part of the selection process of the prestigious GRAMMY Awards. The record company has an exclusive physical and digital distribution agreement with Distribution Select, Canada’s largest record distributor.

2017 marks the arrival of radio promotion at PURCOM. The team achieved almost immediate success by propelling excerpts to the top of several radio charts in Quebec and Canada, in addition to reaching the coveted Top 100 Radio BDS and Top 100 Radio Correspondents. The agency also received its first-ever nomination at the ADISQ Gala.

Over the years, several major clients have trusted the company as a leading partner including Oxfam, VStar Entertainment Group (PAW Patrol), Martine St-Clair (over one million albums sold) and Rosa Laricchiuta (TSO).

Member of: ADISQ | CARAS (JUNO Awards) | The Recording Academy (GRAMMY Awards)


The founder and president of PURCOM, Pierre-Paul Boisvert, has a 20-year career in show business. His passion and determination have led him to stand out in several spheres of the industry including artist management, press relations, show production and event management. Over the years, several major media outlets have called on him to comment on various topics related to show business. In addition to having signed the preface to the reference book When the Show Becomes Business, several prestigious daily newspapers have also published his texts and opinions. Pierre-Paul Boisvert has also been a member of the jury and has collaborated in several prestigious competitions, as well as serving on the selection committees of the FÉLIX Awards(ADISQ Gala)in Quebec, the JUNO in Canada, and the GRAMMY in the United States.


PUR Communications

Since 2002, PUR Communications has established itself as a leader in press relations, radio promotion and web promotion in the cultural and corporate sector in Quebec. His team has been responsible for media relations for numerous projects, events, artists and corporations. Through its extensive and strong network of contacts, the company has contributed to the reach of its customers in print, television, radio and the Web. In radio promotion, his team is a success story, placing in the Top 100 Radio BDS, Top 100 Radio Correspondents and at the top of many radio charts in Quebec and Canada. In social media, PUR Communications is a #1 in promotion and web marketing.

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PUR Concerts

PUR Concerts represents local, national and international artists. The PURCOM Entertainment Group’s entertainment division team is dedicated to bringing talent to Quebec, Canada and international markets. The shows represented come from a variety of backgrounds, including music, comedy and themes.

PUR Records

Since 2012, the PUR Records division has been established in the firmament of the Quebec record market. The label has an exclusive physical and digital distribution agreement with Distribution Select, Canada’s largest record distributor. The first album released under the PUR label has been made available simultaneously in over 20 countries around the world and has been selected in the selection process for the prestigious GRAMMY Awards in the United States. Many of the record company’s music products topped the charts and sales in Canada, helping PUR Records surpass one million digital sales.

PUR Publishing

In addition to the label, PUR Publishing is a publishing house with the mission of representing, promoting and marketing the works of authors, composers and performers represented by PUR Records. By optimizing the use of their creations, PUR Publishing allows its creators to shine in the artistic field.

Jaimie Plourde
Jennifer Gélinas
Sandrine Dumas
Star Plaza
Sugar Crush

PUR Management

The PUR Management division manages the careers of Quebec artists. First exclusively dedicated to the management of artists when it was founded in 2002, the company has since expanded its fields of activity. His position as a leader in press relations, radio promotion and web promotion, as well as his label PUR Records, contribute to the influence and success of artists signed to management. The PURCOM Entertainment Group team has developed strong strategies to propel its artists to the forefront of show business.

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